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Antioxidants – Q&A

The aging of our body is not some kind of a mysterious and magic process but a simple biochemical reaction. The aggressive free radicals attacking the DNA cell walls are produced within our bodies.  However, our body also contains a natural defense – ANTIOXIDANTS.

The older we get the less natural antioxidants is our body able to produce. The concentration of free radicals is not only demonstrated by loss of energy, frequent illness, more wrinkles, declining eyesight but also by occurrence of serious diseases such as diabetes, brain stroke, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

We can get antioxidants also from our food but its amount is not enough to destroy excessive free radicals caused by pollution, food and stress. The increased intake of antioxidants is necessary in case the consumed foods are rich in carcinogens such as smoked products, frozen food and smoking. Smokers need three times more of vitamin C intake in order to secure the same amount of antioxidants as non-smokers do. You got two options – to resign and accept your possible health problems or intervene.

The best defense against the free radicals is to increase the intake of antioxidants with help of food supplements as well as including high antioxidant foods in a diet. Beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein are water soluble colorings that appear in red, yellow and green fruits and veggies. They protect us not only against cancer but against UV rays and other forms of radiation as well. The well-known antioxidant is vitamin C; however, after neutralization of excessive free radicals it transforms to a radical itself; therefore it is necessary to have other antioxidants such as vitamin E, minerals, selenium, zinc, flavoniods, co-enzyme Q10, etc.

The good quality food supplements provide the best service for our declining bodies. But how do we recognize what is the best for us? If you want to be sure that your antioxidant defense is perfect, it is quite easy – our bio-photonic scanner will show the results within 2 minutes - no blood sample necessary. In case your result won’t be satisfactory, do not despair; we got a targeted solution for you.

Billion cells do not need any medicine but good quality nutrition.

Questions and answers

Could antioxidants extend life?

The answer is yes; however, it shouldn’t be only about the length but about the quality of life. We shouldn’t be concerned with adding years to our life but rather adding life to our years. Antioxidants are also effective as the protectors of our skin from too much sunlight, they can increase fertility (they improve sperms mobility), they suppress infections, swellings, pain associated with rheumatic arthritis, they protect our blood vessels and heart, they might prevent heart attacks.

What is happening with people during the aging?

The aging is a process during which the number of healthy cells in our body is being reduced and non-healthy cells spread. The moment the percentage of non-healthy cells in a certain organ goes up, its function is jeopardized. For most people it first affects the heart, for others it is the immune system or brain. During our lifetime billion of free radicals gain the upper hand in our system that leads to cells damage. The free radicals also cause damage to the cell’s DNA so instead of producing the same and healthy cell, we get a cell – a mutant, acting abnormally. Some of them could become cancerous cells; but most of them are less potent. This cell inadequacy is a characteristic sign of aging.

What are the antioxidants?

The substances protecting our body and its building elements against unwanted chemical reactions neutralize free radicals before they can cause damage. The most common antioxidant is vitamin C and E, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene and flavonoids that are present in fruits and vegetables; selenium is basic mineral our body needs to produce glutathione perodixcase – another antioxidant; further it is a coenzyme Q10 and alphalicious acid.

Everyone should be familiar with the power of their own antioxidant protection.

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